School Starts at McPherson Magnet School

Brian Houl and Efrain Chopin

The opening weeks of school are good and interesting  because I get to see my friends, but it is not great because I already have to do homework. I am already busy and I am spending a lot of time at home doing homework. The plus side of school is that I get to see my friends I have not seen in two months. All of my periods are okay because I do not have them with some of my of my friends. Before school I could not wait for school because I was bored just staying at home doing nothing. But nonetheless I did like summer because I could sleep all day, play outside, and play on my computer without having to spend anytime on homework and school. I also went on a one week cruise with my family on the west coast of Mexico and went to three Mexican cities. In general though my school year is starting off pretty good and I have all A’s in each class.

On the first day of school I was happy to see my friends and I could take to them and ask them how their summer was when walking to class and during nutrition. I was excited to see what all of my classes were and I was happy to find out that I got all honors and that my P.E. class was in the morning so it would not be hot when I exercised. I was also happy that my classes were close together. When I walked into each class on my schedule, the teachers were nice and told the class what we were going to do in each class. Also most of my friends got honors so I could sit next to them and ask them how they were doing.

I asked some 7th graders how the start of the school year was going for them. 7th grade student Connor Muldoon said “It is going fine and dandy.” Jaden Esparza said, “They were exciting, but my summer was boring.” One other student, Rylee Kendler said “There is a lot of projects and the opening days of school are fun.” Another 7th grade student Nathaniel Gutierrez said “It’s been pretty good and the teachers are nice.” “It is good and it is fun,” Roman Lira, 7th grader said, “and I’m excited for the school year.” Kira Cole said, “The beginning of school was interesting and there was a lot of drama.”  One 7th grade student named Sam Astor said, “It’s not bad and I’m having trouble in some of my classes because of sports.” I also asked Mcpherson PLTW teacher Mrs. Truong how the start of the school year was for her and she said “It’s really great, I love my class, I love my students and they follow instructions.”  As you can see people like me and teachers at McPherson have some problems in the starting days of school, but are having a good time.