Student Buddies Enjoy Virtual Picnic

Samantha Sanchez, Staff Writer

On Friday, May 1st, The 8th graders zoomed with the 1st graders for the annual Buddy picnic. At the beginning of the picnic, the 1st graders welcomed their Big Buddies to the online picnic. Then the Little Buddies wrote letters for the 8th graders and each of the little buddies read them out loud to their big buddy, Next, the little buddies showed their big buddies their drawings of them. Their drawings were good. Then everyone talked about what we were doing during this time in quarantine. Some little and big buddies said fun things about what they will do on the weekend such as watching movies and riding bikes.  Last, the eighth-graders and their little buddies said their goodbyes and hope they get to see each other again. 

The 8th graders enjoyed seeing their little buddies and they all hope everybody stays safe during the quarantine.