McPherson Families Come together in a Parade

Jay Turner
Ms. Layton and Ms. Jennings Cheer on McPherson families in the McPherson parade.

Jay Turner, Advisor

On Friday, April 17 the McPherson Magnet School came together to form a parade through the school parking lot to celebrate one another and show our support for one another while keeping our social distance. Teachers Mrs. Jennings and Mrs. Layton came up with the idea to have student families parade past the school in their cars while the McPherson teachers and staff lined the fire lanes, careful to keep a safe distance from the student cars and one another. Teacher and staff parades have become common as schools have moved toward distance learning but McPherson poses a unique challenge as our student population comes from all over the Orange Unified student boundary line. To combat that, Ms. Jennings and Ms. Layton offered the unique solution. The staff would come to the school and the students would parade around them instead.

The parade began at 10:00 am and lasted roughly 90 minutes with several cars joining in to take a couple of laps. Student families made signs showing their support for their school and their teachers and staff members held up signs of love and encouragement for their students and their families. It was a powerful day for all involved as the McPherson community rallies around one another in this unprecedented time.