Locker Rooms are Remodeled


Logan De La Cruz

Mr. Mitchell shows off the news locker room.

Logan De La Cruz and Johann Avenido

McPherson recently completed renovating the middle school locker room thanks to funding from the PTSA. Mr. Mitchell, the P.E teacher here at McPherson, has been working at McPherson for over 20 years and for the past 15 years he and the staff have been talking about repainting and getting new lockers. Most of the work was completed over summer but the final work that needed to be done in the locker room was to finish the numbering on the girl’s lockers. Both boy’s and girl’s locker rooms were painted and had new, larger lockers installed.

“ I think they are well overdue,” Mr. Mitchell said. He said he was happy that the lockers are done and how they ended up. “There is new paint, new lockers of course and also holes that used to be in the wall have been patched.”

We asked Mr. Mitchell if the locker room will ever be changed again? “Probably not,” he said.  “I should be retired by then and they should last another 40 years, I hope.”