Spooky Dance Scares Up Fun for Middle Schoolers

Mr. Turner
McPherson students at the dance.

Savanna Barragan and London Gailey

Last Friday, on October 11th, middle schoolers had their first dance of the year. Grades 6th to 8th-grade were allowed to wear certain colored clothes for the theme, the theme was black and white spooky where they were allowed to wear black or white clothes with accessories. At the dance, they could dance inside, have some snacks and drinks outside, and also there was a lottery where kids could have won gift cards to places like Starbucks. Leadership bought new decorations for the dance, had a different balloon arch, and the DJ this dance was amazing.

Leadership student Mia Felix  said, “This set up was faster than last years set up for the dances.” Leadership had different types of jobs to set up this dance.

We also interviewed another 7th and 8th grader, they liked to have a dance and thought that it was better than the previous dances. We also interviewed

8th grader Luke McQuerrey said, “The experience was interesting.” Some things that he would change would be the cost of the pizza. Also, he would add more candy options and more candy in general. Some suggested drinks are pink lemonade and apple juice.

The next upcoming dance will be some time soon in January. Thank you leadership for setting up and managing the dances.