4th Grade Visits Irvine Park

Mcpherson Fourth Graders get a chance to pet some snakes and other reptiles.

Mrs. Chu

Mcpherson Fourth Graders get a chance to pet some snakes and other reptiles.

Samantha Sanchez

On Tuesday, October 1st, our fellow Fourth Grade students went on an exciting field trip to Irvine Park. This is their first field trip of the 2019 – 2020 school year. Once they got there, they got into their hiking groups. The fourth graders did tons of hiking in the hills.  During the hike, the kids did some hands-on learning stations. One of the stations was touching some mammal fur and reptile skin. The reptile skin felt scaly and the mammal fur was softer than the reptile skin. In another station, they got an opportunity to pet some snakes and other reptiles such as lizards and more. Some of the kids stated that if you pet a snake backward, it feels like pulling your fingernail backwards. One of the groups was lucky enough to see a wild snake while hiking. It was an exciting and scary moment at the same time for the kids who witnessed the snake. While hiking, the kids visited the Orange County Zoo. At the zoo, the kids saw black bears, mountain lions, coyotes, deer, bald eagles, and more animals. The kids enjoyed the animals.

We interviewed some Fourth Graders about their experience on the field trip. Joshua Sanchez said, “I liked seeing the animals from the zoo because the animals are so cool.”

Dalisha Bravo said,  “I enjoyed feeling the mammal fur and reptile skin and they felt different.”

“I learned how different regions affect how living things such as plants and animals live,” said Jackson Gillespie.

The Fourth graders had a great time hiking and petting snakes.  The kids also enjoyed visiting the Zoo with their classmates and friends. They also learned things about nature and how living things survive. The kids all hope that next year’s fourth-graders will enjoy the field trip as much as they did.