Boy’s Soccer Loses to Portola


Mr. Turner

Goalie Max Kronenberg dives for the ball as Damien and Ryan look on.

Jocelyne Perez and Tahlia Munoz

On Monday, September 30 our McPherson boys soccer team lost 11-1 to Portola. 6th grader Luka Kendler scored the lone goal for the McPherson squad, breaking McPherson’s scoreless streak. Although they haven’t won a game yet, they still had a great team effort.

After talking with some of the boys, they said how they were very happy that they scored their first goal. Johann Avenido, a 7th graders, he said, “We did well. The team has a really good quality of being very fast”. The front line of Luka, Rocco Magana, London Aldridge, and Ryan Petz worked well together and gave McPherson several scoring opportunities.

“The team played well but we missed our 8th graders who were out on a field trip,” Coach Turner said. “Its tough because our team is mostly 6th and 7th grades but because we only have one team we always play the other school’s 8th-grade team. I’m always proud of our effort. The boys showed a lot of heart today.”

They were all very happy that Luka scored a goal. Luka was the first boy to score a goal for the boy’s team in three years. The whole team was proud of Luka and still had a positive attitude.

The Meteors will play at El Rancho Charter School on October 7.