Girls Soccer Remain Undefeated, Beating Portola 5-0


Benjamin Koh

Sophie breaks away from the Portola defenders.

Benjamin Koh and Mitchell Manion

On September 30, the McPherson girls soccer team had an epic victory, beating Portola Middle School 5-0 to improve their record to 3-0. 6th graders  Madelyn Armendariz led the team with two goals. Despite not having any of 8th graders that day they still remain undefeated.

The most improved part of the soccer team this season is the offense and the girl’s McPherson team is amazing at scoring goals. The new crop of 6th-grade girls are hard-working and add a lot to the team. On this day, they scored most of the goals.

The girls on the team appreciate their coaches, Ms. Vanderwall and Ms. Barrow, for helping them to improve their soccer skills. Their coaches help them a lot and they are really nice and hard working. Most of the girls on the team are friends so they all teach each other their skills. 

As the middle school girls’ soccer team continues playing against other schools they will go against El Rancho next week on Monday, October 7. They did very well so let’s see how long they can keep their streak going for.