8th Grade Meets their Little Buddies

Mr. Turner
8th Grade Buddy Emma reads to her 1st grade little buddy.

Samantha Sanchez and Gissel Aparicio

The first day of the eighth-grade and first-grade little buddy program was on Wednesday 18th, September 2019. Throughout this program, the eighth graders help out their little buddies in their school work or do fun activities and projects with them. After meeting each other, the eight and first grade buddies used iPads and took fun pictures with each other. Also, the little buddies wrote about their big buddy. Next, the eighth-graders read a book to their buddy and they got to know and learn about each other more. Little buddies is an amazing time here at McPherson Magnet School and many of the eighth graders had big buddies when they were in the first grade.

We interviewed 8th graders and asked them what they enjoyed about little buddies. “I enjoyed little buddies because the little kids are so adorable,” says 8th grader Danna Coria.

“I enjoyed interacting with the little kids. They are so cute.” said big buddy Alexandra Rivera.

Little buddies is a very memorable and great activity for the eighth and first graders. The eighth-graders and first graders will learn valuable concepts and learn how to help others. Most likely, some big buddies will end up seeing their little buddies on campus. The eighth-graders can influence their little buddies in a positive way to a better role model to their peers. The first and eighth-graders will get to spend the time every three weeks. Other grade levels at McPherson also participate in the Buddy program.