McPherson Walks on Wilson’s


Tess Kroenenberg

Delilah Ortega, Sienna Pena, Mrs. Marzolo, and Charle Lopez model their Walk on Wilsons shirts.

Tess Kronenberg and Marissa Hayes

For the past four years, McPherson has hosted a WOW walk. WOW stands for Walk on Wilson’s. Wilson is a disease middle school teacher Mrs. Marzolo’s, son, Patrick, had. Wilson’s disease is carried genetically. This disease is when your body does not filter your unnecessary copper, causing it to build up in your eyes, brain, liver, and other organs. In Patrick’s case, the copper started to build up in his liver which caused all of his hair to fall out. The doctors misdiagnosed him with other diseases, not knowing of  Wilson’s. As he got older his condition started to get worse. In his 30’s, it was finally determined that he had Wilson’s. Sadly, Patrick passed away three months after he was diagnosed. We do this walk of awareness, to spread the word of Wilson’s because it is a rare and unknown disease.

The WOW walk at McPherson has been going on for four years. On this day all the kids get to wear red, blue, yellow, or WOW shirts. Wow, shirts are made just for McPherson. There are also sweatshirts and crewnecks. The school even makes baseball caps and students wear them backward to honor Patrick. Who always wore his this way. On the day of the walk, everyone dresses in the colors wear caps and have fun walking to spread awareness of Wilson’s disease. This year’s walk will be Friday, September 27. 

Mrs. Marzolo and her family also hold a walk-in San Juan Capistrano every year. In San Juan, they walk around the historical area and have a pancake breakfast. They also celebrate Patrick’s daughter, Audrey’s, birthday. Mrs.Marzolo loves seeing how much people show up to this walk. It means a lot to her. She also enjoys reuniting with some distant family members, because her family from all over comes to support the walk. Even though Mrs. Marzolo is sad about the loss of her son, she is glad that she is able to raise awareness to others. 

To learn more about the Walk on Wilson’s or to donate to help find a cure, please visit