McPherson Elects ASB Officers for New School Year


Mia Felix

ASB officers (top l-r) Sophia Merritt, Keira Whitney, Megan Kim, Amy Taylor (bottom) Matthew Pasqualino, J.B. Avenido, Marissa Hayes

Mia Felix and Savanna Barragan

On September 9th at McPherson Magnet, the winners for ASB office were announced to the school. Students in leadership got to choose what they wanted to run for, like the president or vice president. Students in grades 4-8 voted for the officers on Thursday, September 5 after watching campaign speeches. The winners for this year’s ASB Officers were Matthew Pasqualino for President, Johann Avinedo for Vice President, Keira Whitney for Secretary, Sofia M. for Historian, Marissa Hayes for Treasurer, Megan Kim for Communication Liaison, and Aimee Taylor for Recycling coordinator. 

We interviewed Matthew Pasqualino, Johann Avinedo and Keira Whitney and asked them some questions about how they felt and why they wanted to be what they choose. The first question we asked from the President was What was your goal for this year’s leadership class? Matthew said, “To make dances better.” the next question was ‘How has been president been so far’, his answer, “It’s been fun” the last question we asked him was How are you going to strengthen school, his answer, “I want to make the school a friendly place.”.

 After interviewing the president we met up with our schools Vice President, Johann, J.B. Avenido, and asked him a couple of questions. Our first question was ‘How has being V.P. been so far? Johann’s answer was “It’s been going pretty great”. Our second question was ‘Why did you want to become Vice President?’ his answer was “Because I wanted to help out the school and make the school better”. 

The last person we interviewed was the Secretary, Keira Whitney.  The first question we asked was “Why did you want to run for secretary?’  and her response was, “Because my sister did”. The last question we asked was ‘What are your responsibilities as a secretary?’ “Taking notes, write on board, and taking attendance”.