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Drama Presents A Midsummer’s Night Dream

June 5, 2019

Last Friday the 31st and Saturday the 1st, Mr. Castro’s drama class would put on a show of a lifetime. The play was based on one of Shakespeare’s many pieces of work, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The play lasted a total of 80 to 90 minutes depending on how the actors were. It’s cast consisted of the entire drama class as well as a volunteer lighting and sound director which was Benjamin Nguyen in the 8th grade. Each person had a separate role and each role was just as important as the other. The shows were hosted at McPherson’s auditorium on Friday for both elementary and middle school. While shows on Saturday would be for anyone who bought a ticket which was ten dollars for families or friends or anyone for that matter who wanted to watch the play. Students were also able to get a 50 percent discount on the tickets.

The play was certainly an interesting one as it was based on a time long ago and had mystical aspects to the story such as fairies. After asking many of the students, they enjoyed watching the play because of how it was played out with the acting and also the comedy put into the play as well by the actors. Students who played the characters in drama also enjoyed their role, like student Brady Fednt who had this to say, “My role in the drama play was the lover of Demetrius who first loves Hermia but then finds Helena is his true love. I loved acting as the character and I would love to do it again and I wouldn’t change anything about it. Drama class was the first part was, for the most part, was learning how to act, write scripts, and how to project your voice. The second half was more gaining confidence for the major roles and learning how to play off monologue and using more in-depth language.”

We also asked Benjamin Nguyen on his perspective on the play as he was the lighting and sound director. Ben had this to say, “I was the lighting and sound director. I enjoyed my job as the lighting and sound director. I certainly liked being the lighting and sound director for drama class again as I did it last year for Ms. Nielson when she was still a drama teacher. To be perfectly honest I would not change anything about the performance.”

Many of the other drama students also enjoyed the play as they were able to connect to their acting careers and or improve on their confidence through acting. The play would be the first play of the year and the last one as this year was Mr. Castro’s first year as the drama teacher here at McPherson. Make sure to congratulate the drama students for putting on a great performance and most importantly thank Mr. Castro for organizing such a great show.