McPherson Participates in the Color Run

McPherson students in the color run.

On May 24, 2019, the McPherson Color Run took place. The Color Run is a fundraiser that comes to McPherson every year to raise donations for the school. These funds go to the many parts of this school such as improving the condition of the campus, arranging field trips, and going towards new programs brought to the school.  McPherson was able to raise a large number of funds, which without that, there would be no color run. The fundraiser worked by having students’ families or friends donate to the school. The amount of money that is raised by the student dictates what they get to win or earn such as prizes and T-Shirts. The span of the fundraiser was from a few months earlier and allowed a long time period for donations to come in. The event consisted of two different separate Color Runs. The first Color Run was for Elementry while the second one was for Middle Schoolers and 6th graders.

The two separate Color Runs were similar and had the same schedule. The Elementry students started out their event with an explanation of the Color Run by the people who were responsible for the Color Run and also a call up of the top donators. The students who donated the most were those who were picked to be the starters of the color with a color explosion that would coat Mr. Erven and Mrs. Merha from top to bottom with the powdered color that was used. Then after the Color Run commenced with the top donators beginning the Color Run. Two separate tracks were used, one for the older Elementry students and one for younger ones such as the Kindergarteners. The track was surrounded by volunteers with bins full of colored powder, and as the students ran by, colorful clouds would be seen surrounding them. Music was played throughout the run and provided a fun experience for the Elementry students.   

The Middle School color run was just as similar as the Elementry one, though only one track was used since there were fewer students running. As stated before, the run started with another explosion of color that covers Mr. Erven and Mrs. Merha. The top donators consisted of Cole Morgan, Aiden Duff, and many others. The Middle Schoolers experienced the same thing as the Elementary students did. As they ran, they were bombarded with color and coated many students from top to bottom. The students were after treated to a gigantic color explosion that consisted of multiple students with “color packs” that consisted of the powdered color. The color thrown into the air would create a giant cloud of pure color and mixed together. This was the conclusion of the event and marked the end of the Color Run. Students were later treated to refreshments after the event. We asked middle school students about the color run and most of them had a great and exciting experience.  One student named Heidy said that she had a lot of fun and wanted to have this event again.