Eighth Grade History Student-Led Conferences

Mr. Turner
Kevin O’Conner presents his digital portfolio to his parents.

Brian Houl and Logan McDonald

On May 15, 2019, student-led conferences were held in Mr. Turner’s 8th-grade history class at McPherson Magnet School after school. Student-led conferences are where students brought their parents to class and showed them what they have been working on in history for about fifteen minutes from their middle school years in seventh and eighth grade.

We interviewed two eighth grade students who participated in the student-led conferences. Thomas Wilkinson said, “I talked to my mom about my history digital portfolio containing information about the chapters in history.” Our next question was what he thought his best work was in his digital portfolio? He told us “My best work was my latest work because it is the latest and the greatest.” Our last question was what was his best work in his digital portfolio about? Thomas said, “It was about the separation from the North and the South and the economy and the people.”  

We then interviewed Joshua Jaime and our first question was what he did at the student lead conference? He said “I basically just showed my whole digital portfolio to my parents and I showed them my amazing work that I did over these years. It is filled up with all the chapters we did in history” Our final question for him was what he thought his best work is? Joshua said, “My best work was probably the Oregon Trail chapter and the Manifest Destiny chapter because I felt like I put my time and effort into that section.”

Student-led conferences help show eighth parents what their kids have been working on in their middle school years in their history class. Despite only having fifteen minutes to show their parents what they have been working on for the past year or two these conferences can help parents understand their child’s work ethic and show their improvement over the years.