Dangers of Vaping


Owen Smith and Drew Nagler

On Tuesday, April 9, McPherson Magnet had an assembly on the Dangers of Vaping. We learned about what vapes, weed, and alcohol can do to our body. All of these things have consequences for our body and it’s not always long term consequences. We learned that with drugs, they slowly addict you more and more. It only takes 3 cigarettes to get addicted. There is an average of 60 milligrams of nicotine in vapes. It is bad to inhale 50 milligrams of nicotine per day and some people inhale way more than 60 mg.

Another that thing we learned was that when a vape label says no nicotine, there is always going to be some nicotine in any drug product. As we know, doing drugs is very bad for you and could be really harmful to your body. It is very likely if you vape enough, you could get cancer and that would screw up your life totally. Every year 443,000 people die from vaping but yet people still don’t care and more and more people get addicted.

We were able to get an interview from two 8th graders. Their names were Samuel Astor and Jonathan Tabb. We asked them these three questions. What did you learn from this assembly? How did it impact you? What did you think about the assembly? Here is what Jonathan had to say. “I learned how bad vaping really is for my body.” “ I also found out how much of a negative impact that vapes can have on your life.” “ All in all, I think that this was great information for middle schoolers to learn.” Sam said, “ I learned that aping was a lot worse than I thought. This assembly really impacted me to do the right thing with my life. I think that this is very important for kids to know about in middle school.”

We believe that all of the kids were positively impacted by this assembly and we hope that we can get the vapes, drugs, and alcohol away from kids.