7th grade visit to Astro Camp


Jonathan Almgren and Sean Dang

On April eighth, 2019, students from the seventh grade went on a field trip to Astrocamp. The boys did a lot of cool things like jumping off of the power pole (30 ft), and the night hike which at the end we looked through telescopes, we also did Mars rock climbing. It had different difficulties easy (easy), easy (intermediate), easy (hard), you get the idea. We had an Olympics in the gym which the teams were houses of Hogwarts, and gaga ball in the meadow during free time. We were also chilling in our dorms during lights out and played cards. They also ate food in the dining hall which was very good. The food was good there and they also served ice cream and cookies for dessert. There were classes like school but they were cool fun classes you could explode balloons that burst into flames, you could play with magnets, and do cool things with electricity (all include safety precautions). Anthony Perez said, “every activity was great the food was great and he had a good experience.”