McPherson Elementary Science Fair


Logan McDonald

8th Grader Daniel Barrigan learns about elementary science.

Logan McDonald and Drew Nagler

Following the middle school science fair, elementary had a science fair on Thursday, February 28 and Friday, March 1 but their science fair was a little bit different. Instead of going straight to the cafeteria to tell about their project to judges, the teachers and Mrs. Conrad had the 8th graders gives tips and suggestions to the little ones about their project. So before the kids went to the cafeteria to present they were able to get advice from older students so they could fix their project or work on their speech before they presented to the judges.

The elementary kids had a blast and loved presenting to the 8th graders and so did the 8th graders that judged them. Grades 1st to 3rd was the kids getting advice from older kids. SAfter the older kids gave advice to the little kids we had a practice science fair before they presented to real judges. 8th graders dressed in professional attire and middle school science teachers Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Conrad took the 8th graders to the cafeteria where the little kid’s projects were waiting. Mrs. Duncan taught the 8th graders how to judge them and how they will use the iPad to grade them.

We interviewed some 3rd graders and we also interviewed some 8th graders. Both of the 3rd graders said, “We had lots of fun and that it was a good idea to have the 8th graders come in our class and grade us for practice when we went to present in the cafeteria”. We also interviewed Alexis M, Juliet A, and Carmen F and they said the little kids were cute and had an awesome time grading and judging the kids”.


For the whole day, different science fair kids and 8th graders went in and out grading different projects. The teachers picked certain kids in their class to go and present in the cafeteria. This was a great way to teach little kids for what they are going to be up against when they get into higher grades. Some of the best projects in the grade level went to present in front of an actual science fair judge and that is special because only middle school students usually do that. As a result, our students advance really quickly in their science fair projects. This year’s science fair was a very successful year and everyone had a great time doing their projects.