McPherson 6/7 Falls Short Against Santiago Basketball


Mr. Turner

Grant works for the block while Andrew prepares for the rebound.

Owen Smith and Jaden Esparza

McPherson basketball started Monday, February 25th. McPherson’s first opponent was Santiago. It was an away game so McPherson got to go on the bus. All of the kids were excited and ready to start the season off with a win. The excitement started kicking in as soon as we had taken off from McPherson off to Santiago.

At Santiago, the players started shooting around, getting comfortable and used to the courts. Once layup lines had started for the most part the nerves had gone away as preparation for the game really started. The lines were exciting and people were doing their best and having a good time while doing it. The game had started and Santiago took initiative early coming out fast and aggressive. McPherson players were having trouble adjusting to the fast pace of the game. Santiago was double teaming and McPherson players were not used to that type of play. After the first half, McPherson was down and was trying to turn it around in the second half. The game started back up and McPherson didn’t do what they had wanted and planned for. The fast-paced game continued, the boys still couldn’t adjust and lost by a final score of 40-15

` After the game, we were able to get some interviews from the players. The players that we interviewed were Nolan Heney, Connor Smith, and Grant Walker. Nolan Henry scored 10 points, with 3 assists and 6 rebounds. Nolan said, “ I didn’t realize how tiring the game would actually be.”


Grant scored 4 points, with 1 rebound. He said, “ The game was fun because I got to pop some threes [point shots].”


Connor ended up with 2 points and 4 rebounds. Connor said, “ I wish that I could’ve played a little bit better.” They all really enjoyed the game, but they are looking for a different outcome next week when they play the home opener against Cerro Villa.