8th Grade Visits El Modena High

February 25, 2019

On January 22, 2019, 8th-grade students began their trek to El Modena High School in order to experience and have a linear tour of the entire school. The students left McPherson at 8:00, walking from McPherson to El Modena High School as a group. There, the students combined groups with Santiago Charter School and together were toured around the campus and shown many of the different classes that would be offered to those who would attend El Modena in the coming year.

Throughout the tour, students were taken through some of the classes that seems most popular and demanded classes. These classes included arts and photography, music and band, theatre, engineering, PLTW, and probably most importantly, sports. The students were shown how each class functioned and how the classes ran. Such as in the arts and photography where the students were shown many of the art pieces that the previous students created and the photos taken by students as well. As the groups moved into the theatre class they were given a taste of what the band and music class did there, as well as dance. During the theatre section of the class, they were given a performance by the acting students and a group of singing students.

During the sports class, students were taken into the gym and shown around and were lectured about the sports programs that were held there. There were different tables set up with each type of sport that would be offered to the students that were already in the classes. 8th graders were also given the chance to sign up in advance for what sports they wanted to participate in.

Soon after, the students were given a presentation from the students and staff at the auditorium and were shown the chants that the students at El Modena did. Later on, the students depending on which groups they were placed in went to the library and were given a quick lecture on the things that one might expect when joining the Project Lead The Way classes offered there.

Current 8th-grade student, Ryan Lemons, said “It was very exciting. We got a tour of the campus, a performance by drama, and we also got to see a performance by the choir.” Ryan also listed some of the classes that he hoped to join, “I wish to join after school water polo and swim, and drama.”

Another student, Lucas Gaetano replied with, “My favorite part was signing up for sports.” when asked about his favorite part of the field trip. Student Jonathan Sanchez also replied with, “My favorite part of the field trip was meeting other people from different schools like Santiago.” Throughout their exploration of the campus, Lucas Gaetano said, “I learned that they were redoing in almost half of the school.