McPherson Students Win OUSD Spelling Bee


Efrain Chopin and Jonathan Almgren

McPherson 7th grade students Alexis Tran and Olivia Garcia along with 6th grader Patrick Dinh will represent Orange Unified in the Orange County Spelling Bee on Monday, February 25. All three students qualified for the county spelling bee by winning their McPherson grade level competitions and the Orange Unified District spelling bee.

Their journey started in their English class where students were asked to spell out words of many levels. The competition was open to all middle school students.

Qualified students competed against one another at the school site level where 6th graders Cade Bates, Patrick Dinh, 7th graders Jovan Ballon, Olivia Garcia, Alexis Tran, Caleb Valdivia, and 8th graders Lulu Foyle, Jacob Wien, and Eli Woodruff all won their respective grade levels and moved on to the OUSD level.

Students prepared as best they could for the competition. Alexis Tran said, “They gave us packets to study words and had to spell them in front of a lot of judges and a lot of people.”

After a fierce competition, Dinh, Garcia, and Tran moved on to the county level on Monday.