News Channel LA36 Visits McPherson Journalism

Journalism works with LA36

Owen Smith and Jaden Esparza

On January 18th, Los Angeles news channel, LA36 came to visit McPherson Magnet school’s journalism class. LA36 has covered everything from an L.A. Rams games to live news broadcasts. The McPherson students were able to try out all of their professional equipment and learn how to work it all They had cameras, microphones, and a news truck. The students held cameras, did interviews, and some even got to be the director. Most of the student enjoyed working the cameras. They had 4 or 5 massive cameras on tripods. You got to film the interviews or just play around with them. The news truck was amazing. It had 3 TVs, 2 computers, and at least 1,000 different buttons to control sound, video, and quality. To be the director, you sat in front of a TV and you had a headset on. You could talk to all of your cameramen and tell them what to do.  All of the students had an amazing experience and some of the students actually got influenced by this visit and they might consider this as a future job.

We were able to get some interviews from the students that were at the visit. The students that we interviewed were Drew Nagler, Jay Snyder, and Efrain Chopin. Drew said, “My favorite part about the visit being the director. I enjoyed telling everyone where to film and what to do”. His favorite piece of equipment was the camera. He really enjoyed filming the kids and trying to get some good shots. Jay’s favorite part was being able to talk on camera like a host. He said, “it was even better than he expected”. His favorite piece of equipment was also the camera. Although, he just enjoyed zooming in on peoples faces. The last interview that we got was from Efrain. Efrain said, “my favorite part was learning about all of the equipment inside the news truck”. His favorite piece of equipment was the camera that rested on your shoulder. He liked that one specifically because you could walk around with it.

This was an amazing experience and all of the students in Journalism really enjoyed it. We all had such a fun time while we were all learning about their cool stuff. Personally, I think that Channel 36 should continue to come to McPherson to show the students what they can reach and get to if they would want to pursue this as a career.