Middle School Science Fair

February 7, 2019

Every year McPherson has a science fair where each student picks out an experiment whether it be from the internet or a made up though. Then from October to January, they conduct their experiment using the scientific method. When January comes McPheron science teachers Mrs. Conrad and Mrs. Duncan set up tables inside the cafeteria to display the science fair boards. The science students also made binders to explain how the experiments work, the science behind it, and why they did the experiment. Then local scientists and other community judges come to view the projects and interview students to explain their science fair. Projects are tested on the quality of their work, how well the students understand it, and how appealing it is to the eye.

We interviewed 8th-grade student Gage Klinker about what he did for his science fair. Gage said, “My grandma has a big yard with numerous plants including a tomato plant. Her tomato plants are dying so he tested to see if a different fertilizer made the tomato plants grow bigger and better.” After weeks of recording, he actually found that different fertilizers have a different effect on plants. So now he can use a different fertilizer to keep his tomato plants healthy and growing nice red tomatoes!

We also interviewed Evan Long about his science fair project. Evan Long was testing to see what ice cream melted the fastest. He said that he found, “organic ice cream melts a lot faster than the other flavors and types of ice cream.”

We also asked Mrs. Conrad the director of this science fair that Mcpherson holds a couple of questions. We asked her what does the science fair do for the school? She said, “The science fair is a good way for people to learn what kind of jobs people want to do or a way to learn, and even to figure out if you like science or want to do something else.” She thinks it is a great activity for the school because she thinks it is very challenging for the students but helps them learn.

To conclude this story the science fair is a really good way for us to learn something and also to learn skills that we can use in the coming years of school and even in life.