Cozy comfort day


Matthew Mendez and Kevin Vu

On January 11, 2019, McPherson had a “Comfy, Cozy” spirit day. On this day, students got to wear hoodies and sweatpants. Even the teachers dressed for this spirit day. The purpose of this spirit day was to have students to feel their most comfortable in a long and tough school year. We’re pretty sure that the McPherson students were really comfortable in their attire that day.

We interviewed some of the students to see how much they liked wearing comfy clothes, and we are going to tell you what they said about the clothes.  All of something comfy said that they were happy to get to wear something comfy because we have to wear uniforms all the time. That makes us uncomfortable so we got a free dress day. We interviewed a few leadership students that helped make this day possible.

Roman Early said, “that even they were happy for a comfy day.” 

Niko Gutierrez said,” We will try our best to get more free dress days just like this one and change the spirit up. Let’s hope leadership can do this again.”