Second Grade Has a Great Time at the Kellogg House

Second Grade Has a Great Time at the Kellogg House

Sean Dang and Logan McDonald

Second grade recently went to the Kellogg house. Where the second graders went into a house that was made up of Queen Anne’s style of architecture. The interior of this historical house was very interested in ships of all sorts. The mast (A tall metal pole that is on a ship that holds a sail) in it was salvaged from a ship and was put in the middle of the staircase which leads to the attic which represents a birds nest on a ship. This house was going to be condemned by Santa Ana for new houses but the owners decided to donate this house to a museum. But the house now is used for hands-on education about the Victorian. This house is also used for other things such as public tours, formal teas, and wedding photo sessions for people.

we interviewed 2nd grade Nathan and this is what he said…

“My name is Nathan and this is our field trip to the Kellogg house”, said Nathan.

then we asked him what he did at the Kellogg house.

“We went upstairs, downstairs, into different rooms, the stairs were all creaky because it was old and everyone was screaming”, said Nathan

Then we asked him what he learned at the Kellogg house.

“We learned that Mr.Kellogg made the house out of redwood so the termites don’t bite it or anything”, said Nathan