McPherson vs. Portola


Touchdown pass to Sam Astor

Owen Smith and Jaden Esparza

On Monday, January 7 McPherson’s 8th-grade football team played Portola Middle School. This was a very intense football game. It was back and forth the whole game, but McPherson had a few clutch stops and won 27-26. To start off the game, Portola scored a touchdown on a run but they couldn’t convert on their extra point attempt. McPherson was also able to score on a touchdown pass to Sam Astor. They were successful on a 5-yard pass to Michael Anaya for the extra point.

When Portola got the ball back, they weren’t going anywhere. They were just stuck on their goal line and Mcpherson was getting stops. Although, Portola was able to gain some momentum on a nice pass for a first down. Portola was able to keep the momentum and get a 25-yard touchdown run.  


Mcpherson was down 13 – 8 and needed to bounce back. Mcpherson marched down the field quickly and scored on a touchdown pass to Justin Tims. McPherson also converted on an extra point run by Owen Smith. McPherson went up 15-13.

It was near the end of the half and McPherson got the ball back. They were able to get the ball to the red zone with ten seconds left. Owen Smith threw a touchdown pass to Cole Morgan, but the ref called it back. The ref said that the quarterback crossed the line of scrimmage before he threw the ball. McPherson was up going into halftime by two points.

To start the second half off, there were multiple stops both ways. Nobody could even move the ball down the field. Eventually, the momentum shifted over to McPherson’s side. Mcpherson’s safety, Eddie Martinez, got his first interception. They capitalized on the turnover and scored on a quarterback run by Owen Smith. McPherson did not convert on the extra point and that made the score 21-13. Portola was trying to score fast and they did. Portola had a great run up the middle and scored. Portola did not get the extra point and it was 21-19.

McPherson was trying to waste the rest of the clock but they weren’t successful. They scored too quickly and gave Portola a chance to score. Portola was able to score and convert on their extra point. This made the final score 27-26. McPherson is now 3-1 and is looking for another win next Monday.