Avid Goes to UCI


Kevin Vu and Matthew Mendez

On November 27, 2018,  The AVID Students of McPherson went to the University of California, Irvine for a field trip.  Avid is a school program that will help prepare and help you earn a scholarship to college. Mrs. Neilson teaches the Avid class at McPherson Magnet.  Avery said, “I thought it was really fun because we saw our friends and got to do so many things. Also, we liked seeing the programs and the other Avid classes that were there too”.  They went with their tutor all over the campus. They went to a lot of places on the campus. One of the places they went to was the EA sports center where they went and played video games.  There was also a park there where they got to play and talk with their friends. According to Anthony Perez, “The most exciting thing was them getting to see things like the classrooms and the campus.”  They also got to meet some of the college students that go to UCI. Karla said “.  It will help us by giving us an option to what college we want to go to”.  Also, we could see what a campus looks like and it will prepare us and other people in the future”.