McPherson Volleyball Falls to Yorba Middle School

Yosselynn Gasparico, Mia Talavera

On Monday, December 10, 2018, McPherson’s Volleyball teams played against Yorba. Both of the teams ended up losing. The 8th-grade team (A team), lost all the games out of three against Yorba. The 6/7th-grade team (B team), also lost 10-25. This game was a very tough game out of all the 3 games they played against other schools.

We asked a few questions to people that are on the Volleyball team. One of the questions was “How do you feel about the game?” Karla Duran said, “It was terrible.” Mya Pedroza said, “We didn’t do our best.” Another question was “How do you think you played?” Karla Duran said, “Okay.”  Mya Pedroza said, “I feel like I played decently. Overall the game was very tough but we can do better next time.”

Overall that wasn’t a great game and the  McPherson volleyball teams thought that they could have done better. The  McPherson volleyball coach, Mrs. Vander-Wall said that they will be having volleyball practice so they can improve. The next game will be home against Portola after Winter Break.