Operation Santa Claus Comes to McPherson

December 11, 2018

On November 27, Operation Santa Claus started. In the office, there is a Christmas tree that is used to put gifts under. These gifts were kindly donated by students of all ages and grade levels at McPherson. The Christmas tree is decorated and has tags on the side that describe the age and who the child is. They are to be returned to the tree and the gifts are anonymous. This will be where the gifts will be kept, which is under the tree. By getting one of the tags, you’ll be able to get a gift that’s wrapped and attach the tag to it.  The types of gifts that are given are a wide variety of things such as books, toys, and even toiletries like toothbrushes and must be in good condition. The collection will last from November 27 to December 7.

Leadership student Sam Astor said, “Operation Santa Claus was created to give less fortunate children happiness. It’s also a great way to give to other people.” Any toy can help children or families in need, no matter what they are, either toiletries or toys. Each gift can make an unfortunate child happy and to have a happy holiday season. Leadership asks that for people to try to make as many donations as possible to help these children in need.

Operation Santa Claus is hosted by Orange County and the gifts are collected and delivered by the U.S Postal Service. The U.S Postal Service states that “Each year, hundreds of thousands of letters addressed to Santa arrive from children and families.” The U.S Postal Service started Operation Santa Claus over 100 years prior by starting to respond to kids who sent letters to “Santa” or the “North Pole”. Soon after just replying to the letters only, they started responding with gifts attached to their letters. Soon individual cities and charities across the nation followed the footsteps of the U.S Postal Service. Leadership will be responsible for collecting these gifts and sending them to charities. So make sure to donate to Operation Santa Claus by putting a gift under the Christmas tree under the office.