McPherson Football Loses Thriller to Cerro Villa

Owen Smith, Staff Writer

This was another great game played by McPherson. They played hard the whole time. Sadly, McPherson lost the game 22-27. This game was another back and forth game and came down to the very end. Both teams were fairly evenly matched and that is why it was such a good game.

The game started off quickly with both teams scoring. Cerro Villa got the ball first and marched down the field. Although, McPherson was able to prevent their extra point attempt. When McPherson got the ball, they were also able to score. They scored on a touchdown pass to wide receiver Carson Ferry. McPherson was also able to convert on their extra point attempt and go up 8-6. Cerro Villa got the ball before the end of the half and scored. The final at the end of the half was 14 – 8.

When the second half started, McPherson got the ball. They sadly threw an interception and turned the ball over to Cerro Villa. They capitalized on McPherson’s mistake and took a two-touchdown lead. Around mid-second half, McPherson got the ball again and scored on a touchdown pass to Sam Astor. They also converted on the two-point conversion to make it 22 – 27.

Cerro Villa had the ball in the last two minutes of the game. McPherson was almost able to stop them but they were just able to run out the clock and win the game. This game made McPherson 1 -1 on the season and they are looking forward to getting a win next week.