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McPherson-VS-Santiago (Volleyball)

Mia Talavera and Yosselynn Gasparico

On Monday, November 26, 2018, the McPherson volleyball teams played against Santiago’s volleyball teams. Sadly both of Mcpherson’s teams lost. Both teams lost all three games the ending score for the 7/6th grade team was 22-25 and the ending score for the 8th grade team was 17-25 We asked a few students that are on the volleyball teams some questions and for their opinions on the game and I asked a few questions to my partner, Yosselynn too because she is on the 7th grade volleyball team.


 “We did really good and everyone tried their best.” said my partner Yosselyn.“The best part of the game was when Mya Pedroza did an awesome serving and got us double points.” Yosselynn said, “The game was good and we did better than last year.” said Mya.


 Overall McPherson’s volleyball team seemed to play really well and improved from last year, it was a close game for both the 7/6th-grade team and the 8th-grade team. The next game will be on Monday, December 3, 2018, against Cerro Villa and it will be a home game.

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