Second Harvest Food Drive

Brian Houl and Jaden Esparza

The Second Harvest Food Drive gives canned food and other necessities to people who can’t afford or find them in Orange County. The Second Harvest Food Drive is a program to give to poor or needy families and people from kids to seniors across Orange County. At McPherson Magnet School. The Second Harvest Food Drive is done by leadership who collect cans and other foods from students from all grades. Leadership can collect donations from the front and back of the school and they also come into classrooms to ask if any students have anything to give. They then put the canned food in boxes and send them to a place where the donations are handed out to the homeless and needy. Mrs. Palucki who leads leadership does most of the planning for the food to be given to the organization so they can give it to people in need.

The Second Harvest Food Drive had a huge part in helping all people who are in need of food and other items in Orange County. They are a member of Feeding America has smaller groups for various counties across the state and America. People can give cans to the food drive and they can volunteer to help collect food and cans. People can also donate money to the food drive that’s will then be used to buy food for the people in need. You can do any of these things at the Second Harvest Food Drive website if you would like to help needy people in Orange County out.

We interviewed three leadership students in the eighth grade named Jessalyn Gallegos, Kylie Huang, and Justin Tims about The Second Harvest Food Drive. Our first question was what is The Second Harvest Food Drive? Jessalyn Gallegos said, “It is a collection of cans for the less fortunate.” Our next question was who does The Second Harvest Food Drive affect. Kylie Huang told us “It affects the homeless.” Our last question was when does The Second Harvest Food Drive affect. Justin Tims told us “From Now until November 30th.” Leadership students have to do a lot of work to support and make sure The Second Harvest Food Drive is successful and the needy get what the need to support themselves. Mrs. Palucki also does a lot for The Second Harvest Food Drive so students donate their canned goods so special thanks to them.

Students from all grades should donate their canned goods to The Second Harvest Food Drive because there is nothing wrong with helping families and people who need it the most. If any student from McPherson Magnet has any extra cans, they can give it to the people who need more than them. The Second Harvest Food Drive has done a lot to help the people in need as they give out the food people give, but they need donations to give needy people something that can help them. Only with other people’s help, people in need can be a little bit better off.