Middle School’s After School Music Program Fires Up

Andrew Lim and Efrain Chopin

The after-school music program recently started and there are many things that the class offers. The main focus of the class is the teach middle schoolers how to play a variety of different instruments in two different classes. One class is mainly focused on band instruments and the other’s main focus is on orchestra instruments. There are two teachers who are responsible for teaching the students, Mr. Hamilton, who is responsible for the band instruments, and Ms. Carpino, who teaches the orchestra instruments. The classes are small and are never crowded, it only consists of a few sixth, seventh, and eighth graders only.

Students mainly learn from their books as they play and memorize songs from the books provided. Some students in the class stated that they would use their own instruments and practice at home. There are also a variety of instruments used in each of the classes. The orchestra class mainly uses the violin, the cello, viola, and a variety of other instruments.  The band students, on the other hand, use instruments such as the trumpet, trombone, clarinet, euphonium, and flute. Students are able to choose their own instruments that they would prefer to play out of the variety available.

Felecia Low, one of the few members of the classes, stated that “There were two different programs, band, and orchestra.’’ Another student, Ava Carpenter, who is apart of the orchestra classes said, “Everyday, we take out our violins and open our music book, and we learn stuff.” The classes are held on Tuesdays and Fridays, which the classes last from 2:45 to 3:45. The orchestra class is held in room 203 and band is held room 201.