McPherson Shining Stars

Kindergarten Field Trip to Nature Center.

Yosselynn Gasparico, Gwen Huennekens

The kindergarten has recently gone on a field trip to the Nature Center. We interviewed a couple of students one question we asked them was, “what was their favorite part of the field trip?,” they said their favorite part of the field trip was the “Scavenger Hunt and the maze.”Another question we asked them was ‘ “What kind of Scavenger hunt did they do? “ They said one of the Scavenger Hunts they did was they had to look for the things and if they find them they check it off on their clipboard. Also another question we asked them was. “Did they like the field trip” they answered saying” Yes, we like the field we got to see butterflies and it was really fun” Another question was. “If they can change anything about the field trip what will they change?” they answered saying, “The Pumpkin Patch”. They had really fun on their furls trip to Nature Center.