McPherson’s Boys soccer team loses 5-0 against Yorba


Kevin Vu, Staff Writer

The McPherson boys’ soccer team took a 5-0 loss against Yorba’s boys’ soccer team. The team had a lot of pros and cons in that game. I caught up with one player and asked about the game, he said that he thinks we played great even though they didn’t do well. He told me that the team needs to improve on passing the ball better, not kicking it so that their opponent doesn’t even have a chance of the ball. He said he thinks that he wished that he could contribute more to his team so that McPherson can win against Yorba. He needed to improve mostly on defense and some offensive fundamentals. I think overall, they are doing great with their offense and they need to improve on defense, so I totally agree with this player, who is Kenneth Sutherland. Their weak spot that game was their confidence and some parts of the defense. They did have some highlight reel defensive play that they drew up and some of those plays paid off. Their passing was on point that game but didn’t show up on the scoreboard, unfortunately. It was really hard work and when I talked to Kenny, he told me that the team needs more practices so that he and his team prepare for the game a lot easier. “This was a very hard fought game, I wish I could do more to get us to victory, I just didn’t give it my all even though the team did very well.” -Kenneth Sutherland