Eighth Grade and First Grade Buddy Up

Brian Houl and Owen Smith

For eighth grade, the first day of little buddies with the first grade was on Wednesday 19th, October 2018. The eighth graders met their first grade little buddies for the first time at McPherson Magnet School. They all got a chance to visit with the first graders. Some eighth graders had loud and active little buddies and others had quiet ones. After being introduced and meeting their little buddies the students used the school iPads and took a buddy picture. Next, the eighth graders read a book to their buddy and they got to exchange their interests to each other and got to know each other in a short period of time. Little buddies is a great and exciting McPherson Magnet School tradition and many of the eighth graders had their own big buddy when they were in the first grade.

 “I like my little buddy a lot because he is very funny and smart,” 8th-grader Jonathan Tabb said.

Big Buddy and class president Annika Hayes said, “I really like my little buddy because she is really nice and she is super cute. I love working with her. The purpose of little buddies is to influence them and make them happy and get to spend time with them.”

Jonathan said, “I think the purpose of little buddies is to influence the first graders in a positive way.” He was excited to see his little buddy again, “because he makes me laugh.” 

Little buddies is a very important activity for the eighth and first graders because it is a school that is kindergarten through eighth so many of the eighth graders remember their big buddy if they were here since first grade. The first and eighth graders still have many more times to meet each other in the coming year and some might see each other walk around the campus. The eighth graders can influence their little buddies in a positive and a productive way because they are both students in the school so little buddies are very important. As long as there is a first and eighth grade class at McPherson Magnet, little buddies will continue to be an important McPherson tradition.