Star Mission Blasts Off

Gwen Huennekens and Aubrey Gallagher

The McPherson Education Foundation recently kicked off its annual Star Mission fundraiser. The Star Mission’s purpose is to raise money to support McPherson’s STEM focus. This year, the foundation is hoping to raise enough money for an outdoor classroom at our school. To date, the STAR Mission has generated over $30,000.

According to the foundation’s flier, “Our goal this year is to raise funds to build a one-of-a-kind Outdoor Learning Lab for our kids and teachers to explore STEM projects and lessons that would be better suited outside. The lab will be available for all grades and provide a learning atmosphere that can expand beyond the typical classroom walls.”

To help get students involved, the McPherson Education Foundation offered Star Mission prizes, ranging from hackey sacks to AirPods. The grand prize is a Nintendo Switch. For more information on the McPherson Education Foundation check out their website at