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Mcphersons 20th Anniversary

Fernando Morales, Staff Writer

On May 22nd McPherson had their 20th Anniversary open house. Open house is an event after school where all of the classes have their work displayed on the desks. This night happens once a year and it is very special for the parents of the students. There are more than one thing to do at open house and it is a very fun night. There are also many great food trucks their so you can have dinner there. There are food trucks with foods like Mexican food, ramen, burgers, and ice cream.

We asked some kids their opinion about the 20th-anniversary open house. Carlo Magana said” It was fun hanging out with friends. I also liked showing m parents my work and projects. It was really cool seeing the other projects in Mrs. Conrad’s room. I have Mrs. Conrad as a teacher, I still like seeing the other projects. I also liked the noodle food truck.

Aiden Lira said,” I usually like walking around and seeing the projects and the other stuff that is presented.”

Ladia said” My favorite part of open house was showing my parents the work I did. The thing I liked the most was the maze. I look forward to next years Open House.”

“ I liked going into Mrs. Conrad’s class to see the hearts and projects. I stayed till around 7 pm. I usually go to open house each year. The thing I liked the most was messing around with my friends.”, Says Kyle Medel.

The next Open House for next year should as great as this year. There should be some great work and projects next year as well if they teach the same things and assign the same things, but better. Hopefully, next year will be a great year for when the projects are presented.

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