Phoenix House

Andrew Lim and Efrain Chopin-Garcia

As the middle schoolers already know we have Phoenix house that visits us every Wednesday for a PE period. Phoenix is an organization that teaches us, kids, now that we are young how to deal with bullying and ourselves. We as kids can and will be bullied and we have to go through that and Phoenix house helps us with that. It helps is with self-esteem and how you deal with problems.

Many kids learn from this in good ways. “To eat vegetables or fruits,” said Ethan Hoang which is also another thing they teach is to stay healthy and this is a way to stay happy feeling good about yourself. Also, they help with thinking through what you’re going to do and think about your actions and consequences to your actions. Eddie Martinez said that it helps you make good choices and to not to do drugs and eating healthy. Which is a good thing and can help people in the future to not be influenced to do drugs and to also avoid other inhalants.  

Mrs. Melissa teaches us many things how to face fears and how to maintain our self-esteem. She has taught us how to eat healthily and maintain a good self-concept. Phoenix house helps kid it teaches them how to be good adults and makes them more intelligent adult and be more mature. It also helps them concentrate on themselves and the other aspects of life also teaching them to manage talents money time actions thoughts.