6th-Graders Roar and Snore at San Diego Zoo

Efrain Chopin Garcia, Staff Writer

On Thursday, April 19 the 6th grade went on an overnight field trip to the San Diego Zoo. The trip is called Roar and Snore. They went there to learn about animals and to interact with them. Many 6th graders enjoyed this field trip.

Here is what some 6th graders thought about the field trip at roar and snore. Anthony Perez said, “You got to see all the animals and their natural habitat and it is true you see many animals like gorillas.”

6th grader Rivkah Chopin Garcia said, “We saw gorillas eating their own poop!” and she thought it was gross. “The field trip is one you remember because when you sleep you can hear the lions roaring and in the day it is clear skies and lots of animals to see.”

This is one of the favorite 6th-grade field trips and many students enjoyed it a lot because you interact with animals and other people.