Marathon Club Goes the Distance


Fernando Morales and Daryl Vu

Marathon Club is an opportunity to see how fast you can run the mile. The Marathon Club is being taught by Mrs. Priest. It also very fun because you do not only run but do some other games. Students who join have a goal of 26.2 miles, the distance of a full marathon. Every time they get together, they always try to beat their time from when they got together last time.

Mrs. Priest said, ”The Marathon club is McPherson’s version of the program run by the Orange County Marathon foundation called Kids Run the OC. Schools like Mcpherson get together once a week to practice. All of this eventually leads up to one big event at the fairgrounds on the first weekend of May. When we get together, we do games that include lots of running. We usually run around a smaller field that Mr. Mitchell helps me make. They also leave each session with a challenge like try a different piece of fruit or a different type of milk that is not cows milk. One of the benefits of the Marathon Club is that you can be outside and run. The program is for kids k-8. The older kids will sometimes take the younger kids under their wing and be running buddies with them. The competitions are so you can add up a mile each week so they will have one mile less of a full marathon. 25.2 miles is the goal for the students over the 10 weeks we get together. On the first Saturday of May, they go to the fairgrounds to run the Marathon. There is also this event called the Fun Run were they run for fun.”

The students also gave their opinion on the Marathon Club.

“Marathon club is fun and exciting,” says sixth grader Lauren LaBarge. “My favorite part of Marathon Club is that you get to run and exercise. We exercise and get the miles to run the marathon. We play games like tag and shadow tag. I would like to do this next year. Every week we get a piece of paper saying what our goal is.”

Another sixth grader, Sofia Garcia, says about Marathon Club: “It is a good idea to do the Marathon Club because you get to exercise and play against other teams around Orange County. The goal is to beat your time from last time we had a session.”

“It is fun club because it is a way to exercise and a way to make new friends. After every practice, they give you a nutrition challenge so you can get more nutrition. The goal is to beat your time from last time we had a session.” said Giorgi Ana. 

Sidney Patino’s thinks Marathon club is fun “because I get to be with my friends. It is basically having fun but also staying fit. It helps you to get into the habit of staying fit.”