Robotics Club


Daryl Vu, Staff Writer

Do you want to join a club in school but don’t like activities like sports or dance? Well, Mrs. Jennings has the answer for you with the Robotics Club. Mrs. Jennings says if you like programming, engineering, or just having a good time, the Robotics Club is open for 4th and 5th-grade students.

In the Robotics Club, you get to build robots using the Vex Robotics kit. Using instructions and some help from Mrs. Jenning, you will be able to build a very simple robot, but from there, you can be as creative as you want and add anything you think you need onto the robot. There are many parts that are available for you to use. Some of the members of the Robotics Club showed me them. There were beams of many sizes and shapes, bands of different sizes, connectors, wires, plates, pins, and much more. As you can see, the students work with a lot of different materials when building robots.  Mrs. Jennings noted, “Technology is always changing, and every time we do Robotics there is always something new you can add to it… there’s motion sensors, color sensors, the technology is just amazing.” Robotics also opens doors to coding as well as you can code the robots to move and interact with the environment without using the remote controller. Building the robot is only part of the story in Robotics, you get to also compete with your robot as well. Students control robots with remote control controllers, comparable to an X-Box controller. They use the robots to do things like pick up blocks and move blocks around to gain points. For fun, the also use the robots to compete in a demolition derby, where student’s robots battle it out in a ring and the last robot left in the ring wins.

Mrs. Jennings seems to have as much fun teaching the students as the students themselves. Mrs. Jennings says that her favorite thing to see from students is when “there is lots of energy in here, there is lots of collaboration, lots of talking, lots of sharing of ideas; and when kids get together with robots, they can come up with something amazing, that’s fun to watch”.

Mrs. Jennnings message to students, “Maybe you don’t like sports, maybe you don’t like dance or other things like that, well you can be in a club with us and build robots.” If you are a fourth or fifth grader incoming next year, see Mrs. Jennings if you are interested in joining the Robotics Club. You’ll make a lot of friends and most importantly, you’ll have lots of fun working with other creating something you all are proud of.