7th Grade Visits Astro Camp

Efrain Chopin and Jay Snyder

On April 9-11 the 7th graders went on an overnight trip to a science camp named Astrocamp. At Astrocamp there are many fun educational activities to do. For example,  there was one class where we learned about the different gases, including hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, and we got to feel what it was like to breathe on the planet Mars. There was also a class where we got to learn about the magnets how they were made and how strong their force was we also learned about a metal-like substance that would stick to the magnet and when taken off the magnet turned into a sand-like substance. There was also a class about engineering the goal was to drop a water balloon from 25 feet and have it not pop you have to make a protection for it with paper rubber bands and other things you can find in a classroom.  

We interviewed a few kids and chaperones and here is what they think. Allyson DeMoss said, “My favorite parts were probably the power pole.” The power pole is a pole you have to climb up and you jump off of it and you have to hit the red ball.

Brady Fendt said,  “I loved it very much. it was awesome!”

Ms.Richart, Mr. Turner’s student teacher said her favorite event was the power pole.  “I look down and decide I don’t want to jump.”

All in all, it was pretty fun we hope when you go to seventh grade you can enjoy this field trip.