Spring Book Fair

Jason Trumbo, Jay Snyder, and Andrew Lim

Last week, from Monday, March 19- 23 McPherson hosted the spring book fair. This is a place where you can buy books, get posters, and buy little “knick-knacks” at the counter. Before the book fair elementary students got a catalog with just a few books of interest. Kids are allowed to go visit the book fair at recess and at lunch. Also, last Friday kids went after school with their parents to buy some books of interest.

5th-grader named Matthew Estrada said that he looks forward to the book fair when it is a good theme. He also said that every time that he goes to the book fair he likes to purchase one or two books usually the new diary of a wimpy kid book when there is one available.  “My favorite part about the book fair is the little gift counter were you can get little erasers or candy and little fidgets,”  he said.

Students have a multitude of books that are able to be purchased such as newly published titles as well as old popular titles. Each section has a different genre and different author including popular authors like Jeff Kinney, known for his Diary of a Wimpy Kid novels, as well as small children’s books for grades K-2. There are also many history books including both new and old titles that could be found in the upper-grade level area.

The book fair is sponsored by the PTSA and is a fundraiser for our school.