7th Graders Lead The Way

Fernando Morales and Andrew Lim

McPherson has a PLTW computer science class for 7th grade, taught by Mrs. Truong. PLTW stands for Project Lead The Way. The point of the class is to teach you about computer science with the website www.my.pltw.org. It will also teach you how to code with a website called AI App Inventor and teach you how to make an algorithm.

Right now students are studying  computer science for innovators and makers. They started off by playing a game called Digital Dive which helps students know how the computing systems interact with people. There are six teams that represent the parts called user, keyboard, mouse, processor, speakers, and monitor. The user communicates with the keyboard or mouse and tells the computer what to do. The keyboard or mouse shows what they want to the processor who then shows it to the speaker or monitor.

PLTW students just completed the Great App Challenge. Some people made sound apps, games, and a happiness app. One of the most helpful apps was a state finder app made my Ben Nguyen and Daniel Barrigan.  Ben said, “Our app is a state finder app that will help little kids learn their states. It was hard because we had to constantly had to copy and paste the coding. Mrs. Truong taught us the skills we needed to make the app.”

7th grade student Carson Ferry said this about the class. “I enjoy PLTW, I think it is a good class. Mrs. Troung teaches us with coding and other problems. The lessons she teaches us are fun because we get to make new apps and work on coding.”

Another student, Nicolas Gutierrez said, “I like PLTW. Mrs. Truong is a good teacher. She helps us with problems that we have. If we have a problem coding, she helps us, but she lets us figure it out by ourselves. I like the lessons she teaches us, especially the app creator because we can make our own app.”

Teacher Mrs. Truong enjoys teaching the class.  “This is my second year teaching PLTW. I love teaching [it] to my students. My students enjoy learning and that helps them in PLTW. They can get great success in their PLTW projects. Thank 7th graders for making PLTW fun and for your creativity.”

As many students stated, PLTW is a fun and helpful class. You work with a microbit, make an app creator, and you get a great teacher in Mrs.Truong.