Seventh Grade Meets The Masters

Brian Houl and Andrew LIm

On January 30th, the seventh graders at McPherson Magnet School learned how to make a certain style of art in a Meet The Masters assembly. The seventh graders learned art from the Meet The Masters teacher and she told them how to make art pieces step by step. 

We interviewed seventh graders before Meet The Masters about what they expected from the assembly. Andrew Brunner said “I’m expecting art”. Luke Sugra stated, “I expect Meet The Masters to be a bunch of great artists teaching other kids how to be good at art and help them improve their skills”.  Ryan Lemons stated, “I expect to learn information from past artists.” Juliet Otellio said, “I’m expecting finger painting and watercolors”.  The seventh graders expected various thing from Meet The Masters.

When the seventh graders got to their history period, they left for the cafeteria. They were greeted by the art teacher then they watched a slide show about the artists they were learning about. The artists they were learning about was multi talented man, Leonardo Da Vinci. They learned about all the subjects he was interested in and learned how many talents he had. Then they went to multiple tables with paper, a pencils, and a brown markers. The art teacher showed the students how to do a simple and basic Italian Renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci style painting. The seventh graders first drew pictures of faces with hats from the Italian Renaissance with a pencil. They could either draw a man or a woman from the Italian Renaissance. Then they got the brown markers and started making their own art. They made Mona Lisa style face paintings with hats. After finishing their drawings they were given cups of water and a q tip and started using the q tip to dab water on their paintings. After that they cut it out and put it on a brown background and also put their name. Volunteer Parents were there to help the art teacher by giving the students the materials. Some seventh grade students were happy with their face paintings and other were not, but everyone now knew how to make a Mona Lisa style face painting and had a good time doing it.  

After Meet The Masters, we interviewed other seventh grade students about what they thought about Meet The Masters and the art they created. Emily Vu said this about a fellow students painting, “Lulu is a good artists”. Sophia Burt had this to say about her art, “Mine was the best”. Another seventh grade student named Ben Nguyen said this about Meet The Masters, “I like the art and the teacher was good”. The seventh graders have many things to say about the Meet The Masters Assembly and about other students and their own art. Meet The Masters is a very important part of McPherson Magnet School that all grades participate in and teaches the students about past artists and teaches them how to make similar art and improves their art and creative skills. It is made possible by the generous donations by our PTSA.