Flag Football Falls to Cerro Villa

Efrain Chopin and Daryl Vu

On January 29, 2018, the McPherson Football Teams played an away game at Cerro Villa Middle School. McPherson has two flag football teams: and eighth grade team and a sixth/seventh grade team.

At the start of the eighth grade game the referee did the coin flip and McPherson won, electing to start on offense. The first series was good but Cerro Villa’s defense was good too. McPherson was not able to score and turned the ball over. CV had a good offense and scored.

Jace Rodriguez, McPherson quarterback, described the McPherson defense. “We run 4 linebackers, 2 corners, and 2 safeties; which is very well against the run the four up front guys who are rushing in and then the two corners on the outside.”

Wide receiver Riley Kelly added, “We, we need work”. The eighth grade team played well but Then McPherson went and did decently but wound up losing 47-7. Nathan Nguyen added that he saw things positive and thought that “If we’re positive then we hope that we can win probably.”

 The seventh and sixth graders also lost their game, and it was pretty rough. Alize Avila had this to say about their loss, “It was tough. The players were very rough, we kept fighting back and fighting back but in the end, we didn’t come out with the win”.  Joshua Jaime said, “We tried to fight through it and still have fun”. When we asked both of them how they were going to come back from this loss Alize said, “Just come back and play harder.” Joshua said, “We will try harder and do better in practice.”

The boys are discouraged after the a tough loss and are staying positive. 8th grader Jaden DeWolfe summed up the spirit afterward. “We’re going to get better and hopefully win.”

The boys play at home next Monday at 3:00.