Middle School Dance is a Hit

Shreya Jacob and Efrain Chopin

McPherson had its first Middle School dance on Friday, October 13th. The dance theme was Haunted Black & White. The admission fee was $6 and pizza tickets were sold for $1 per slice.  Most students came in black and white clothes and had a blast. “It was great,” said Bryan Dinh.  7th grader Evan Caldwell said, “It was beautiful.”

McPherson’s Leadership class ran the event and provided food, drinks, and candy. There were also other fun things like raffle tickets for prizes.  The dance started right after school and ended at 4:40 pm. A D.J. played songs and people danced with their friends. Students had fun at the dance party and they are looking forward to the next one. The theme for the next dance hasn’t been decided yet, but it will be held on Friday January 19.